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Or should the dealership that I purchased it for that says they cover bumper to bumper on the vehicle responsible?
Trying to link my cellphone to my car but the handsfree link is stuck on booting mode
no previous problems with the car
car and it won't start. The lights come on and radio, but the engine will not turn over. Did the timing belt give out?
I have the manual 6 speed version. I was driving down the highway with the car set on cruise control at about 70 mph in 6 gear and and my rpm gauge started to rise and fall. As I started slow downo and came to a compl...
I had a problem this weekend during a road trip while running the air on the automatic setting - after about 2 or 3 hours, the fan stopped blowing any air. When I held my hand close to the vent I could feel that the a...
The passenger side view mirror broke(slammed into a garage)... The plastic housing is fine but the mirror broke and the backing to the mirror broke... how do i fix /replace the backing.... Its been taken out and the i...