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есть ли кнока в капоте как на дверях которая в открытом состоянии не разрешает закрывать двери и где она находится
почему когда я закрываю двери пультом и нажимаю 2 раза машина не пикает ?
i have acura tl 05 6 speed manual transmission, when i turn left my car make a sound i change both front axle but the noise dont go.
Removed HFL due to it draining battery. Now, none of the above items on the instrument panel left side of navi screen are working and nothing relating to these items appears in the central display panel above the navi...
I unplugged mine and plugged back in and worked for a few minutes and just says booting up. I think it went bad. Its very easy to install and part number is NH528L. thanks for the help.
a) Theres an annoying tick they say is "normal" but I dont believe anything should tick like this.. I see its common but what causes and what can be done? b) The P0497 code came up they replaced the canister vent ...
Have you had this issue? Gears shift, but when we press the gas car will not go in either direction.
I don't know how much this should cost and what it all covers
Body rattle, rt/ rear. Replaced rt/rear strut. No help. If there is a weight placed in the trunk, or the air temp is warm, the rattle disappears.The noise reverberates throughout the body.
I had my HID light go out and the dealership charged me $507 and said that it was the ignitor, the advisor told me to go ahead and get the other one replaced while I had the front end off, I didnt have the money, so I...
My central display above the Nav display seems to have a short. It frequently dims and occasionally goes off all together. Driving over a bump will bring it back. Any idea how difficult this will be to track down & re...