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Hi i just bought my Acura from a used dealer love the car but the dash to show the mileage and the maintenance stuff does not turn on i dont know if its a fuse or what i should do to it to fix?
I have recently got an engine code P0222 throttle/pedal position sensor switch B circuit low. I have changed my throttle body and my accerlartor sensor pedal, both from the dealer. I had an aftermarket intake and I re...
It doesn't happen often and just the fan doesn't come on
My car is at 144,000miles. It a makes loud road noise coming from the rear wheals, I have scalloping tread on the rear/right tire and there has been fluid leaking on to the inner rim of the right back and front tires....
I am trying to locate a repair shop in south NJ, north DE or south east PA to replace timing belt, water pump , tensioner, etc with OEM parts ? Car has 110,000 miles ACURA TL 2004
The dealer said that a dynamic dampener would fix this but it did not
The light was rosey red for a couple of days and now it just flickers and goes dead. There is no high beam now either
the cylinder tube part of ignition coil is stuck and will not come out.
Whenever you step on the gas pedal and accelerate the tachometer needle normally goes up and goes back down and starts to move its way up again right? But with mine it never goes down and it just keeps rising, for exa...
How do I replace the knock sensor on a 96 Acura TL 3.2 I just got a PO325 code.
How do you remove the rear seat? My Doberman broke thru it and you have to remove the seat to get to the outside belts. Thank You
Had hose replaced under recall in 2010. Now had pump leak and needed replacement. Is this due to the original recall problem?
My 2004 tl driver side power door won't lock / unlock using the remote key transmiter The battery in the remotes is new