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My check engine light just turned on and I dont know why. Also my car sometimes has trouble starting and the vsa light is on. And when I am driving it sort of stumbles to go a little faster...Any advice? Thanks.
Headlight will blick on then go out. 300000 + miles engine and body still great
I have had an issue where the headlights will not turn on...they work because they will be on and if I turn the car off and then go into a store and come back out they will not work, the turn signals don't work either...
When my lights are on my tail lights do not work, but when I push the brakes the brake lights will work...I have looked at the fuses and they are fine...I actually juts noticed the problem don't know how long it has b...
Since i purchased the car i noticed the lights never turned on at night neither outside the dash or steering wheel?
cranks and runs fine first time you crank the car then it just turns over and over with out cranking everyday for a week
Acura TL 2004 130,000 miles, what are the pipes made of, and is this possible for this car, if so what is approximate cost to replace.
The car has 139k miles on it and been dealer serviced.
Motor revs up in neutral wont rev up in gear
I have a little noise in the morning when I turn the steering wheel sounds like a Steering pump issue.What else would cause this? What is the repair estimate?