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I have 2003 Acura TL i just bought we took it out the day before we bought it and there was nothing wrong no lights next day bought it on the way home Tcs and abs light came on.... Before this the car was parked outsi...
This happens everytime I run a quick errand. I can't even turn the car off at the gas pump or I'll be stranded. The spark plugs, coolant temp sensor, egr valve, and main relay have been replaced as well as the intake ...
d- code PO700, PO753,PO10, shift valve a failure, low hold switch failure THANK YOU! SARAH
have oil leak, oil spray and a hiss and check engine light
I need to replace the PCM on my 2003 Acura, I don't know where it is. Car wont start and is getting no spark. I already changed the crank sensor.
i have driven my acura for 2years but one 2months it suddenly shot down,the lights and ignition and after 30minutes it came on again then showed me code on the sreen of the music set.what was the cause?
every time it rains my driver floor board is wet