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The blower for the AC/Heater fan inside the vehicle is not working
the PCS & engine light just came on last week in my 2003 Acura TL 3.2LT..what does the PCS light mean/stand for? i cant find my owners manuel, thx!
i have driven my acura for 2years but one 2months it suddenly shot down,the lights and ignition and after 30minutes it came on again then showed me code on the sreen of the music set.what was the cause?
i can only turn on my wipers they do not turn off, they can increase in speed but not decrease..any ideas on what it could be?
what's the problem?
I have removed the tire, caliper, screws, and spindle nut and backed off the e-brake, but it still won't come off. I want to know if you are to use a puller before I force it...
every time it rains my driver floor board is wet
At what mileage should oxygen sensor be replaced?
Hi, i have just read the thread about steering problems with 2003 Acura TL. Well I have the same problem. I just bought this car from a private seller and i can feel vibrations when i go over 60 mph, and they increase...
If i turn ac on and at certain times it sounds like a relay clicking off and on on left side of engine and 2nd fan turns on. no ac and in the same area the a pully sounds like it has bad bearing Is This Country Gre...
I want to change the plugs and wires on my 2003 Acura TL-S, but am not too sure where to start. I've done this type of tune-up on three other vehicles, so I'm no novice, but I'm not really above an amateur auto-hobbi...
The brake pedal is very hard and does not stop the car properly. I check the brakes and the fluid is good also. Any info
I own a metalic gray colored car and the clear coat is disintigrating. Has anyone else experienced problems similar to this? The car is washed and waxed regularly but is parked in my driveway out doors.
My battery died and now my radio is asking for the code which i do have and when i input the code it still comes up as a error what do i have to do to get my radio working again