I'm not getting any heat or ac in my car, I check the two fuses 7.5 & 40amp change the relay and still nothing.the blower is not work on any speed and the blower works i check it Now I tried a climate control panel and still no luck . Can anyone help with this problem. Or am I over looking something. Thanks Rick .

price for a rebuilt transmission for a 2003 acura 3.2 tl
broke down

Have a odd squeaking noise coming from front left suspension. Can hear it any time the car is rocked or turned. It is not the brakes. Any ideas?

How much is the avearge cost for a transmission fluid change?

Have had a new (rebuilt) transmission and computer installed in 2003 TL - since then, mileage has dropped from 28-31 highway, 24-26 in town to about 19.
A mechanic friend suggested that the computer ROM needs to be rebooted and/or modified to match the effects of the new Torque Converter. 1) Does this make sense? 2) What should this cost?
I really like this car!

was showing err on screen but would come back on a day or two later, but now it won't come back on just shows err on screen and then goes back to radio automatically

Driving car 1st thing in morning after starting. Within minutes, noise and vibration appeared. Drove approx. 1 minute to area to stop and checked tires. Saw nothing. Turned around and brought car back home. 3 days prior, had brakes checked @ dealer - nothing. Brakes fine, rotors good. 5 days prior, car serviced @ dealer due to leak. $1,800 repair (main seal, O-ring replaced, side engine mount replaced, transmission service). 42 point vehicle inspection.

My car was making a squealing sound. From what I know about cars I suspected it was the air conditioning belt. My car is a 2003 Acura 3.2TL with 65,000 on it. I took it to the dealership and they said it needs all new belts to include having a timing belt-tensioner and new water pump. My question is "Does this all need to be done?" I agree with the belt, but not sure about the time-belt-tensioner and the new water pump. Would you please assist. Thank you.

how important is cold cracking amps when buying a new battery?

dash maintenance light is on, and car recently had the oil changed

When I first bought the car in March there was a slight whining noise that would go away after the car warmed up. Now the whining noise is constant. I have sprayed belt lube and the noise doesn't go away. The belt looks brand new. Could this be a pulley problem and if so is the a expensive fix?

My 2003 acura TL is throwing the p0740 code. This is a rebuild (by AAMCO) tranny due to the failure typical in these models. Rebuild was at 180,000 miles. CEL came on 50,000 after rebuild, but low and behold AAMCO warranty (1yr) is out. I was told they would honor the TCC but would charge 600 for "labor". From what I've learned they're not doing me any favors. Car drives smooth, has been since March 2010 with only occasional stuttering (very little) but of course no inspection sticker to be had. I do not want to rebuild tranny as this car has 230,000 miles on it. Only want to pass inspection and drive it till it dies.I only drive around town with it. Also car overheats when AC is used but only intermittently. Would changing out solenoid be effective and where do I get one? Any other suggestions?

When should i be changing the filters in my car, air/cabin/fuel? I have a 2003 tl with 82K on it and want to keep it long term.thanks

Out of nowhere my 2003 TL-S with 182k miles started groaning at about 30+mph. The faster I go the louder it gets. But it is not related to the gas pedal bc when I take my foot off the gas it still groans and slows down as the car does. Naturally I thought it was my tires which I replaced - but the sound is still there. Wondering if it could the transmission? It is coming from the front right of the car and sounds like I am following a motorcycle. Any ideas? Belts? BTW - I love my TLS. Thanks.

hi my names mandi mys i own a 2003 acura tl i bought a year ago with 80,000 miles on it it seemed to run perfrctly fine for the first year recently it started having trouble shifting when i put it right in drive 5 i would have to pull over turn off the car start it back up then it would drive again for a while after a while i discovered if i manuly shifted from d1-d5 it would drive fine 3 days after i did this it got worse no wi can bearly make it threw 3rd gear i took it to get hooked up to a computer and they said it was tcc wich i was told is the torqe converter clutch now my car bearly drives my question is am i going to have to replace the whole transmission or just the tcc and flush the transmission, how much am i looking at price wise ,and is there any better way around replacing the transmission i would really appriciate any advice you could give me thank you