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My problem is that I tryed to start the car with the inition key, turn it all the ligths on the dash board are on but the engine wont turn, try another key to make sure the key still works same result, try my remote s...
code p0780 does any bodywhat it means?
On random occassions the upsidedown triangle with an explanation point lights up, as well as my check engine & VSA dash lights. When I run the scanner I get code PO135. I have already replaced the main1 CO2 sensor & t...
spark plug fireing order for acura tl 3.2
Maintenance check light comes on and off at higher speeds (60 mph)but stays off much of the time. Heavy rain could be a link to it coming on. There is a very slight engine studder when idling forward at a stop light...
what is cost of transmission fluid change
At first, in the winter, my car when turning a corner, would not accelerate until I put it into park, then put it back into drive. It only does this once, then it is o.k. NOw that it is spring, my car dogs. When ...
I have 6 CDs loaded and can not eject any one of them. What should I do?
should you not get a universal catalytic converter.
I was quoted $500 by Acura dealer to do a valve adjustment - 7 years or 105K miles, whichever comes first. Why is this necessary? Is this CYA by Acura, or will engine actually become damaged
Little or no radio reception. A few FM channels and two am stations depending on area. How to determine if it's the atenna or radio before taking it to a dealer?
Need normal 105,000 mile maintenance. Tell me at minimum need timing belt replacement. what should it cost me assuming no problems?
My 2002 Acura TL has 96,000 miles on it and recently it seems that the transmission "slips" when accelerating into 2nd gear. Is this a common problem and if so what is happening? My mechanic cannot seem to reprod...
How difficult is it to change the 3 rear facing spark plugs on the 2002 TL type S?