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I had an engine transmission mount replaced on 1/2013. I believe all thoe mounts need replacing.
I'm referring to fixing the common problems by strengthening the parts that most commonly go out.what are those parts?I do transmission work and would like to strengthen mine before I have to do a complete rebuild.
Passenger strut has broken 4x in 2 yrs. Pops/pushes out of housing. Replaced 1 wk ago, barely drove car, & returned to auto shop b/c started making similar banging noise over bump. New strut looks like the nut holding...
on floor heat setting temp. cooler on pasenger side ,but if raise temp higher drivers side to warm but passenger side comes up to comfortable. would like to repair myself but cant find info quit right on internet
I put temp all the way up n it don't get hot on auto or ac
This happens more in cold weather; also, the pads & fluid level are both good.
Car is in superb condition. Have had brake pads but I think I need new brakes. What can I expect as cost?
I was driving my 2001 acuera tl to work one morning,I live about 90 miles from my job, when I got to the city which is 78 miles into the trip, my transmission wouldn't shift out of third gear. What could be the proble...
The car has 110,000 miles. At times the car does not start, and when it does start the car will run very rough. Than at times the car will start and run very smooth. What can be the issue?
My driver side back door outside handle would not open the door. I was able to open the door from the inside. My son thought he would switch child latch to fix the situation. Now I cannot open the door at all. How...