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I would like to know if these are problems I can fix myself, and how would I go about it?
The radiator hose feels really empty and flat....we just changed the top hose but its still doing the same thing....when i come to a stop the hand goes to red and then o jave to pill over, let it cool then crank ot an...
On long trips I have to shut down the system for 20-30 minutes before it will work again for maybe 20-30 minutes. Repeating this process until destination has been reached. Thanks! abf
My car is reading o codes and it is cutting off randomly in the afternoon. I've been told it could be my key. Does that make sense, or does the key just cause a problem starting the vehicle?
Everything electrical shuts off... and the green key light flashes..so then I put the car in park and restart it...it starts back great-usually..problem appears to occur in the heat of the day..so far it has not happe...
it seems to me that it is a computer problem fluid level is good no leaks dont smell trany burning
pulley on a/c compressor is frozen
when driving above 10 mph, placed it on a lift and rev it to 40mph. The sound is still there so it isn't the tires. When driving at 70mph it evens out to a less growling sound.
The sound seems to happen at slow speeds and when I turn right. Brought to garage and fixed two motor mounts, but still doing it. I took the tire off and put the spare on to see if it is the tire. The sound is still...