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My car is stuck in park,my Windows won't let down, and the entire dashboard stopped working. .what could be the problem?
not getting ground to egr circuit in vacuum box.
i ran out of gas but when i refilled my car wont start and my dash lights are not coming on. it sounds like it wants to start, but it wont.
my heater doesn't work during very cold weather but now it starting work from yesterday,now temp +12 please advice what i have to do. what is the problem? thanks
I bought a 1997 Acura 2.5 TL off craigslist and when the car is cold it would go into gear but when it warms up it will not move and the rpm gauges goes up and down could someone please tell me the problem.
heater is on and off when turned on.
added refrigerant R134a 2 bottles few weeks back since A/C was cooling well, the low side pressure was around 25psi and after adding 24 oz of R134a the pressure was around 40psi. However after few days of good cooling...
The car started having idle issues and then it stalled out. It would almost start but it was like it was getting any gas. My neighbor had this engine spray..and when he sprayed the engine the car started. He said that...
how to change fuel line.