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crack up and run when you cut it off try to restart it wont crank just turn over like its out of gas
Are when u turn the signal light on the radio cut off to I need to what make that happen ?
The front had been replaced before but the back wasn't. Mechanic told me last week the front one was fine we just need the rear one. Can't pass emissions without the sensor.
Just replaced my stock radio for an aftermarket radio and now none of my 4 stock tweeters are working. How can I wire them to my new radio to get them to work again?
Now with the new radio in none of my 4 stock tweeters work and I was wondering how I could hook them up and get the working with my keenwood radio.
What size of a job is that ? Is the oil pan fairly easy to access ?
Doesn't shift when it should winds out before it shifts. Gets horrible gas mileage in town but on highway when it doesnt have to shift as much significantly better mpg. Also the D4 light on dask is out but all the oth...
. My gear shift is locked but I can use key to move to neutral n start the car? Car won't start otherwise.
When it doesn't start it still turns over. When I get it running and take it to a mechanic they can't duplicate the problem. I feel like it could be the fuel pump but I don't think it's clogged up. The lack of popular...