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No codes were given, just the info that it is an internal problem in the system. After buying this vehicle from the dealer, and taking it in for all services for all these years I am so upset. I could use some advic...
Need to know what year mdx navigation screen compatible with 2001 acura mdx
Occasionally there is a vibration when the vehicle is under stress
tension pulley I think the spring is broken? doesnt move and I need a belt map not one under the hood? the belt doesnt have tension and when the belt came off while I was watching it pulley or wheel never moved.
the noise contnues but varies slightky whether the fan is on high or low and whether the air condition is on or off.
After parking and lock the car with remote, in 5 minutes the full light will be flashing and the horn will be on at the same time, please help it is urgent, thanks.
My MDX started recently groan on the road. It is a low-frequency sound, like the ones from friction between two large pieces of metals. It appears only when the road is bumpy. If the road is very bumpy, it does not sh...