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tension pulley I think the spring is broken? doesnt move and I need a belt map not one under the hood? the belt doesnt have tension and when the belt came off while I was watching it pulley or wheel never moved.
my car has been jerking, i had the diagnostic test done and all it said was the knock censor was bad, but i know that would cause it to jerk. i took it to a mechanic who said it was my motor mount ( which i don't trus...
how do I reset maintenance indicatior light
the noise contnues but varies slightky whether the fan is on high or low and whether the air condition is on or off.
The back of the seat heater works just not the seat itself.
When it runs for about 3to 5 minutes it stops What could be wrong. Also him seat heater worked and now it has stopped what could it be.
After parking and lock the car with remote, in 5 minutes the full light will be flashing and the horn will be on at the same time, please help it is urgent, thanks.
I came back from the church with the car, I later wanted to go out but I use another Hunda civic key in error. I later use its own key but it refuses to start.URGENT PLEASE
I have an MDX 2001 Model about a month ago, I started noticing noise when the car is idling, it seems as if the accelerator is depressed. Now the car can only drive on D2, after you engage on D2 and on speed you can ...
Acura MDX 2001 stalls suddendly while the car is in-motion. The car starts eventually. I took it to the dealer and the team does not have any clue.. They just ripped me off by charging a service fee but the problem st...
Routine 105 k service, what should be absolutely done and what can be delayed?
Occasionally experience weird wheel vibration/shudder when driving. Typically happens at near constant speed between ~ 20 - 40 mph on a level paved road. When I back off the accelerator slightly the problem goes away....
The radio and the Trip Navigator (time Mileagae & temp) are not working.It just started Saturday. Radio will not turn on. Nothing is working even the air flow of heater doesn't work.
If I am spending the money to change out the timing belt which requires pulling the engine, what else should be replaceded at the same time?
My MDX started recently groan on the road. It is a low-frequency sound, like the ones from friction between two large pieces of metals. It appears only when the road is bumpy. If the road is very bumpy, it does not sh...