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If any near 77004 can do this along with the tail seal let me near from you.
there are like two or three vents holding the heater core in place, how do i get it out?
We just bought this 1995 Acura Legend for my son and the security system keeps going off. It does not have a a key phob and we don't have money to bring it into the dealer. Any suggestions?
First noticed the problem on Saturday. The engine shut off at a stop sign, but restarted right away. Problem recurred Tuesday night, but would not restart for 30 minutes
I changed the fuel pump Nd I started a couple of times but it won't anymore
D4 light keeps blinking when I drive my 1995 Acura Legend. When I drive on D4, I can see the rpm go up but the car makes different sound and it does not accelerate. I can drive on D2 or Di without any problems. I look...
how many freeze plugs does it have and where are they located
3 of the 4 windows work, rolled down 2 windows & they won't go back up, thought they were all one fuse.
engine overheats, no heat inside, engine revs up and down at idle.
My 95 Legend's engine is loud. Sounds like the gas is being pushed when im not applying the gas.
it seems like we need to either rebuilt the engine and the housing or replace it with a japenense 2000 or 2001 engine, could that be done, and would it interfere with the computer
I replaced the drivers side headlight assembly and when I plugged it in, the horn went off but the lights did not come on