Certain 2005 Models Were Subject to a Fuel Tank Recall to Correct a Potential Fuel Leak on Acura MDX

Acura issued a recall on a number of 2005 vehicles because the gas tanks were improperly manufactured and could leak in the event of a crash. It is unclear if all the fuel fill issues are related to the recall or not. For more information on this recall please click here»

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Average mileage: 116,035 (74,000–200,000)
4 model years affected: 2001, 2002, 2004, 2005
17 people reported this problem
14 people shared problem details
I have problem filling gas tank automatically as it trips off every 0.2 gallon so i have to fill the gas manually. so far I have replaces ORVR Valve and filler neck and now acura dealer its telling me to replace gas tank.
2002 Acura MDX75,000
Same problem as several others; can't fill tank past half full. Gas gushes out on car, shoes, cloths, etc.
2004 Acura MDX98,000
Same as the others here. Try to fill the tank and you can hear the gas fill up the filler neck and with less than a gallon in, it clicks off the auto fill lock on the pump and gas comes pouring out all over the paint and tires (and your clothes and shoes if you're standing too close >8-| ) Not sure why the dealers can't figure it out without having to replace a 7 year old gas tank. Something wasn't designed right...
2004 Acura MDX80,000
Have 2004 MDX with gas fill problem. Gas pump automatically shuts off, and fuel spills. It is intermittent. Is is not related to the service station nozzle/pump. Dealer says replace filler neck, but this is "trial and error" approach. Dealer says, If that doesn't work, replace fuel tank itself. Other people apparently are having this problem, but no one seems to have most likely cause of problem and solution.
2002 Acura MDX95,500
Gas tank clicks off after each gallon (approx.) put in.
2004 Acura MDX130,000
Constant problems fueling the vehicle. Sensors and flap replaced. Not fixed. Acura says to replace the tank. I was never notified of a recall.
Trouble getting gas in tank without pump handle clicking off. This problem is intermittent but extremely annoying. Replaced sensor on gas tank but problem is still happening!
2004 Acura MDX130,000
The gas pump would shut off automatically after half a gallon to a gallon of gas had been pumped. Sometimes the pump doesn't shut off and it overfills the tank, it will put as much as 22 gallons in. (pushing the gas into other tubing etc.)
Same as the others here. Try to fill the tank and you can hear the gas fill up the filler neck and with less than a gallon in, it clicks off the auto fill lock on the pump and gas comes pouring out all over the paint and tires Something wasn't designed right...
at less than half tank, when filling, gas either won't fill more than 1/2 gallon at a time or gas gushes out. Has happened about 6 times in past 6 months.
2004 Acura MDX200,000
When I go to pump gas the gas pump cuts off automatically and gas spills out onto car, clothes, shoes, and ground. I can only put 20-30 cents worth in at a time. It takes me 10 minutes just to get 20 dollars worth of gas into the tank.
2004 Acura MDX187,000
For the last couple times I filled the gas tank, it only allows me to add .2 or .3 of a tank. I took it in to my local auto repair shop, and was told this is a common problem with this model. They said the recommendation is to replace the Filler-neck, OVRP caper valve and or Gasoline tank in that order. I plan to call my dealership to see if there is a recall yet. This has been a great SUV, looks great, drives great and low maintenance. I have 187,000 miles, and plan to go for 250,000.
Same as all the others.... VERY FRUSTRATING...... Acura should fix this problem or we all buy other brand of car next time .... Only way they will fix the problem is to threaten them in their wallets.
Same problem with intermittent issues when filling the gas tank. Our 2004 just started this issue and we have had it for 6 years and over 100,000 miles. Was their an actual recall?
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