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Start car in the morning and can't get into another gear. Turn ignition off ~ restart and it goes into gear. My mechanic wants me to pick up clutch pack kit. A very expensive repair. Is this the proper diagnosis? Tha...
Had the no spark, no fuel issue. Changed the distributor and fuel pump. I have spark now and fuel to the rail. Injectors seem to be not working now, could the fuel relay be the culprit and if so is there a way i can b...
Starts skiping or maybe jerking..its not the transmission bc the skiping/jerking is fast and very spuratic.what could this be?
need to be replaced how hard is it
When turning fan control on the engine fan does turn on an off when control turned to off position.
honda acura says they dont have a code sounds like radio is broken. I had the motor rebuilt and they unhooked everything to do it. Car dont have a C/D just cassette and i cant get it off to go to the radio. My ques...
my car idle goes up n down,when is in neutral. in my temp gauge works sometimes?