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drove it home. it needed a new battery so i got a new battery. put it in now every time i hook up the negative terminal, it blows the fusible link. i have even tried a larger fusible up to 80. blows it out to. it cal...
First my oil light was blinking then turn to a solid red light.and a few Miles later on the freeway going 60mph my time belt went out and snapped. I got it towed home then took the head and replaced it because the h...
The squealing sound is load and clear in upper corner on driver side
alt. replaced battery replaced check engine lite was on before replacing but that went out! car starts and runs fine drove 20mi.
manufacturer number: 30100PR4A03
why does it feel like its losing power? and white smoke comes out and evntually turns off?
I have put in a new fuel pump, a new fuel filter, the main relay checks out good, I have fuel to the injectors, but it will only start when I spray starting fluid in it. any ideas?
iwanna buy a integra off craigslist for project but iwant to know how much it would cost to repipe the exhaust just for the parts though
I tried to put in a cassette tape the other day, and after it spit that out, the whole sound system stopped working. Radio, cassette tapes, everything. What happneed??? are there any easy fixes? how much would they cost?
I am looking for a price on an Interstate Group 1 (one) 6 volt battery for an old Farmall Model A tractor. I understand Interstate has these available. Please quote a price for me. If it has to be ordered, i can...
will start with quick start but dies after that burns out
Actually is an old 1987 Integra with only 135,000 miles, driving the gears slips goes back to neutral then I stop the car for 1 minute starts it then it drives but looses gear again after 10 seconds of driving. The f...