Acura 2000 3.5 RL on 2000 Acura RL

I have an Acura 2000 3.5RL which I took to the shop to get fix because my check engine light was on. My catalytic converter was replaced. My check engine light came back on a month later, now my car is burning excessive gas and major power loss. I keep up the maintenance on my car and the mileage is 165,000. I am now told that my valve seals need to be changed. Please help, any input on how to fix the problem?

by in Reidsville, NC on December 07, 2010
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ANSWER by on December 07, 2010
Most likely the valve seals were the cause for your first Catalytic Converter failing, but the shop missed it. I would imagine that your car gives off some grayish/blue smoke in the morning when you first start and that it uses some oil? These are all signs of worn valve seals. I bet that your new Catalytic Converter has been damaged by the oil leaking in in to the exhaust from the valve seals and is now plugged up, that is why you have a loss of power.
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