1990 BMW 325i Q&A

1990 BMW 325i Question: Actually it's a 1988 325i convertible

I can't turn the key to start the car. I know ... "wheel lock", but the wheel isn't locked and I can put the car into neutral as well as drive & reverse, etc. I used both sets of keys so it isn't a worn key either. And the tires aren't touching the curb blocking their motion. Any help without expensive repairs? Thanks -
Answer 1
Sounds like a bad ignition switch if the wheels aren't up against the curb and you tried both keys -
Answer 2
Sounds like you need a new key or the ignition switch is bad. If you have another key try that first. -
Answer 3
Thanks, bretb & hemicuda. -
Answer 4
i have a 1994 325is im having the same problem but it isnt the ignition switch it the key cylinder assembly and its being a bitch to get out -