active body control (ABC) "visit workshop!" on 2003 Mercedes-Benz CL500

the above message showed once last week and again today. i have just under 48,500 and the service schedule still has me at 8,400 miles out. what is this and how concerned should i be. i do not have a warranty.

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your vehicle has hydropneumatic suspension, which is
controlled by the ABC system. next, will be the warning
"vehicle too low-do not drive". when one of these shocks
or struts starts to leak, don't be shocked, they are $1500 each.
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Hellow my friend, There is a very easy way to correct the notification of (too low) -in regard to the ABC Hydraulic Dash board. Just get an oil extractor and take out the old Hydraulic fluid out of your reservoir. Chances are your oil is your too dirty and old and has poor pressure. Once you put new oil in, your hydraulic pressure should return back to normal, and your car will not go down too low.