accord turn over but wont start on 1997 Honda Accord

checked all fuses, new cap,rotor plugs and wires all replaced. also changed fuel filter and fuel pump relay. and car still wont start...seems like its not getting gas. here fuel pump come on so i know its not that. please advise need help. no codes on computer checked that too.

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what is your fuel pressure?
Thanks I will give it a try today
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it could be many things.make sure you have spark on all wires and plugs,you said seems not getting gas...first try to find if you have power to fuel pump when ignition keys on, if no power change your main relay under driver dashboard, check if you have fuel pressure 40-60 psi when ignition keys on below than that your fuel pump failing replace it. good luck.
Thanks for the info, I will look into it today.