Accord brakes squeaking on 1997 Honda Accord

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I think my brakes are wearing out. There is a high pitch squeak in the front when I put the brakes on. I am thinking about just putting pads on but I don't know what kind of pads to get. Any ideas? Also can I do this job in my driveway with basic tools?
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I have always used semi metallic from brake pads on these Hondas. I have had great luck using Wagner "Thermo Quite" pads, they give great braking and I have not had any customer come back complaining of "brake squeal". Most car enthusiasts with basic car knowledge should be able to install a set of front brake pads on a Honda Accord. I believe Autozone have some repair manuals on line so you may be able to print out the repair instructions prior to undertaking the repair. Jack up and support the car safely, remove both front wheels and remove one brake caliper at a time (the other side will act as a mirror image of the side you are working on). Remove the caliper guide pin bolts ensure the slides are free and not binding, lubricate the guide pin with high temperature brake grease, inspect the brake pad hardware and guide pin rubber boots, inspect the brake rotors/discs for grooves and scoring to determine if the rotors need to be machined. Inspect for even brake pad wear. Open the brake bleed screw on the brake caliper and press the brake caliper piston back into the brake caliper. By opening the brake bleed screw as you retract the piston into the caliper you will prevent "dirt and debris" in the caliper from being pushed back into the brake system. If you feel uncomfortable with any of these steps brakes are a safety item and perhaps best left to a automotive repair shop. As for most Honda repairs the tools you will need will jack and jack stands, a 19mm socket for the wheel nuts, an 8mm, 10mm, 12m, 14mm, 17mm, and 19mm set of wrench. If you are interested in maintaining your car or being better informed about making car repair decisions see if there are any basic Automotive classes in your local Adult Education System. I teach these classes and really enjoy it.
Sounds good. I will just change the pads. The brake rotors look like they are in pretty good shape and only have a really small lip on them. Thanks for the advice!