Accidentally touched positive battery cable to negative post on 1993 Nissan Pickup (D21)

My battery went out on my truck, and it would not start, so I exchanged my old battery at wal mart for a new one, took it home, and proceeded to put it in. I am a girl, so I'm not too keen on auto repairs, but I figured installing a battery would be easy enough. I accidentally touched the positive battery wire to the negative post on the new battery, and the wire smoked a little. I went on to connect the wires to the correct posts, tightened the terminals, and now the truck won't start, it won't do anything. A few mechanics have said it was a fuse, but all of the fuses seem to be ok. Any suggestions?

by in Navarre, FL on October 01, 2009
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ANSWER by , October 01, 2009
I'm trying to figure out if the battery cable mix-up is relevant or not. Is the "No Start" condition the same as it was before the battery replacement?
COMMENT by , October 01, 2009
Um, well the truck sat in a barn for about four years, and I just bought the truck last week. The battery had a bad cell, I had it tested at wal mart. It would start with the bad battery with a jump. Now after touching that wire, it won't do anything! It won't turn over or make any noise when I turn the key. Mechanic shops are telling me the first thing they would check would be the main relay fuse which is just a little box.
COMMENT by , October 01, 2009
Thanks for the update. So after replacing the battery, does the electrical system work? The lights, radio etc? This is going to require some knowledge of how an electrical circuit works, and how to diagnose and repair it. Do you have a test light, voltmeter and a wiring diagram? These will be needed to properly diagnose this problem. There is a fusible link that is between the battery and the alternator, have you checked that? And there is a part called the "Inhibitor Relay" which can also prevent the starter from operating which may be defective. Let me know if there is more I can help with, Good Luck!
ANSWER by , August 15, 2010
Did you check the fuse box under the hood? There's a fuse under there that goes to the battery. Mine keeps blowing, meaning that i have a short somewhere. I'm a girl, too.