Accessory Belt Tensioner on 1995 Saab 9000

What is the approximate cost(labor/parts) to replace an accessory Belt Tensioner. Car will run but gets hot and will stop. Also are there any other possible issues as a result of this issue that should be checked

Asked by for the 1995 Saab 9000
Belt tensioner replacement should be about 200$ for the belt tensioner, an additional 30$ for the pulley and around 65$ for the belt. Labor will be about two hours and cost will depend on the labor rate of your repair facility.
Thanks for the response. I am actually considering purchasing this Saab with this problem. The current owner is asking 800.oo but I'm wondering if the cost of repair will out weigh the long term value of the car(and the asking price). If the parts are close to 300 w/out labor. I don't have a current repair facility so I have no idea what labor cost would be for this repair(do know roughly what labor cost would typically run)?

Thanks again.