Acceleration stutter on 2000 Volvo C70

I have a slight oil leak at housing & cooler. car has intermittent lag/shudder during acceleration and at constant speed when engine is warm. Is the turbo bad ?

Code# P1171 - Fuel & Air Metering Control Malfunction

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Hey Sal, it's no problem, I worked on these Volvo's for many years and I enjoy helping. It's very difficult to make assumptions when repairing these types of issues, especially when the cost of being wrong can be very high, you're smart to take it to a shop to have them check this out.
My suggestion is you find a good Volvo Independent shop in your area. The techs who work on these everyday can and will be better suited to address these types of issues than others who don't. This is a bit of a generalization, and there are great techs at just about every shop but these vehicles do have common issues that a Volvo tech will have addressed many times. You'll definitely want a good Volvo tech when those door window regulator issues occur too!
Good Luck!
This code can be "thrown" for several reasons. It takes some testing and monitoring of the input signals to the engine module to determine where the fault lies. And don't forget to check for vacuum leaks.
If you don't have the equipment to test this properly, take it to someone who does, or go ahead and start replacing parts, the MAF is a good place to start.
Had it checked out , but not at a Dealer... All vacuum lines are solid. is this the code the MAF sensor would throw?
Had it at a reputable import repair shop ( not Volvo certified) and all the vacuum checked out. I'm thinking it's gonna need a Volvo service to play it safe. I'm afraid of starting down the trail of most possible cause when each part on the list is over $150.00 each... Thanks for your help.Glad there are people out there willing to lend there time & expertise...
so what is the main problem - whatgot fixed?
i think my volvo is having similar issue - need to know what to do.