2001 Ford Explorer Q&A

2001 Ford Explorer Question: acceleration problems

when acceleratin only a spurt of power is givin even with peddle on the floor the truck goes nowhere and the rpm gauge moves only a little and whole truck shakes and makes popping noise -
Answer 1
A "popping" in the air induction system is a sign of a lean condition, you may have insufficient fuel supply due to insufficient fuel pressure or delivery from the fuel pump or a restricted fuel filter. Is your Check Engine Light on. If so codes are stored ion the computer of your car which will indicate the area in which the problem with your car lays. A good quality scan tool can speed up diagnostics by monitoring key sensor values and or read pending problems. -
Answer 2
You should try a throtle possitioner first. That is about the cheapest. When that goes bad it will act like it is not getting enough gas. -
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