Acceleration Problems on 1996 Honda Civic

I have a 5 speed manual transmission and when I put the car into 2nd and 3rd gear I step on the accelerator and I can hear the engine revving but it takes a good 2-3 seconds to start going. And forget flooring the accelerator in any gear because it revs the engine but the car does not move. Anyone have any thoughts?

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If the car has a manual transmission the clutch disc may be worn out if it is a automatic transmission heck the fluid level (engine off) if it OK I suspect internal automatic transmission problems.
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Your car is a MANUAL TRANSMISSION. You need to have your clutch replaced. Your clutch is simply just too worn to grab the pressure plate. When you have your clutch replaced, you should have them check your flywheel as well for things that need to be milled off of it.
Thanks for the responses but I am not sure if it is the clutch because I had it replaced a little over a year ago and have tested to make sure the it still works. Could it be something with the clutch?

The other detail that I should share is that when I try to floor the accelerator, the engine revs but the car does not go. You need to feed the gas slowly in order to get the car up to speed. Any other thoughts?

Thanks again for all responses!
So my mechanic says it is the clutch like you guys said. Thanks.

BUT...he also said it was the flywheel. I have never heard of replacing the flywheel and have scoured the internet for it but dont find much about it. My car has 199K miles so it might be the truth. Or does anyone know if my mechanic is making an unnecessary repair?
Add a supplement called Restore 1/2 to gas and 1/2 to oil