Accelerating "triggers" a light but high pitch noise on 1999 Honda Civic

While I was driving tonight, I noticed that whenever I pressed on the gas, this faint but high pitch noise occurred.

I would really appreciate any ideas/answers/solutions :o)


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Diagnosing problems like this can be very difficult as a technician working on the car, trying to do it here is near impossible.
I would start by checking the drive belt condition and tension. Check for vacuum leaks. Other than that you'll need to try and figure out where the noise is coming from, then diagnose accordingly.
If you decide to have someone look at it, take them for a test drive and make sure they hear the noise you hear.
Good Luck!
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check the final drive in the transaxle .possibly do a fluid change (with honda fluid) see if the noise changes.if you notice the same sort of whine in reverse,that helps narrow it down . check your axle seals make sure you dont have any leaks , and also check the play in the axle where it goes into the trans. if you have a lift available , it would be worth trying to duplicate the noise in the air (no tire or road noise to interfere. good luck