A/C won't work Blows hot Air only! on 2007 Ford F-150

Had it charged, Belts good. Ingages when turned on, but only blows hot air 100 degrees in Nebraska Need help!!!!

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Mode selector! Feel the pipe(not hose) going inside the truck from the filter/drier.
Is it cold? If so then you have a mode selector problem inside the dash!!
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what are the gauge readings you amy have plugged system
I set the A/C as cold as possiable and on max A/C or Normal A/C and still just hot Air. All other gauges in the truck are normal, was told there is some sort of flap under the dash that may be stuck and not allowing it to open??????
the a/c gauges that u charge with.there are fresh air doors and blend doors under dash do you have any a/c codes
Don't know about any codes and when I had it charged the Mechanic said it was fully charged Thanks for your help with this
you need the gauge pressure to diag if its a system issue or a door issue
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