A/c won't blow inside care, only through defrost. Where do I cnnect hose to blow on 1994 Cadillac DeVille

Need to know where to connect host to get a/c to blow inside.

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There probably is a vacuum leak causing the air to blow defrost only. The leak is usually under the hood and is a small hose.
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make sure that you have vacum suplie from the engine to the hose that going in the a/c if not you may have a broking hose
I had the same problem on a 97 STS. The system on my car works with 2 small rubber vacuum hoses connected near the air conditioner receiver/dryer to hard plastic tubes. The rubber vacuum hoses had dry rotted and were leaking. The 2 short rubber vacuum hoses go near the firewall and connect to a small diameter hard plastic tube that runs through the firewall to the control unit inside the dash... I replaced the 2 short rubber vacuum hoses and the air flows correctly.
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