AC water Leak or Heater core? on 2008 Nissan Altima

Hi guys.
I have nissan altima 2008.
The other day after driving with AC on and FRESH air option, i stopped my car, turned the ignition off and i heard DRIPPING sound at averge 5 seconds intervals. Drip... Drip ... drip... drip.... drippp... for about 5 mins and then it would stop.

I started the car without the AC on... there was no sound. But when i turned on the AC for about 5 mins, the sound came back.

I thought its AC water leak inside dash but there are no sings. Carpets are ok, everything is fine. Engine coolant level is normal.

Also car ac water is under the car as well. Since then i started using AC on Recirculated air option. and the sound has gone.

incase the sound comes back, do you guys think its AC water leaking behind the dash? Can it cause serious electric issues?

Any other way to find out if there is water leaking behind dash? Apart from looking for signs on carpet etc?

There is no smell at all... so im sure its not coolant leaking inside the car.

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The (problem you have) is condensation. When ever you run with airconditioner on, you are going to see clear water dripping under your vehicle. because there is drip tube or? it will not penatrate the vehicle. Nowhere in your system will you have clear water, except through condensation. Be sure its not antifreeze(green or yellow), brake fluid(clear)but sticky, motor oil and trans fluid have distinct colors, or windshield washer fluid(blue). THe best thing to do is put a little on your finger and smell it. chances are if it looks like water, feels like water, and has no smell, its probably condensation. Hope this was helpfull. Goodluck.
How can I fix that problem? Condensation I believe I have the same problem, just started tonight at least first time I noticed. Also is it bad to drive it with the a/c on or drive it at all?