AC vents Right side cold ,left side hot>Az is starting to warm now.Need AC. on 1997 Cadillac Seville SLS

two weeks ago fine replaced belt for engine >disconnected battery >now Im getting hot air with cold air from the front vents. Can I replace this part myself? Or is it a code thing?

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This system does provide trouble codes to aid in diagnosis. Most likely it has a door motor actuator that has failed. Depending on which one that has failed it may require removal of dash panel. This is a job for a good qulified technician. In you area I'm sure there are shops that specilize in HVAC work. Unlikely any of the work you did has any relation to the problem. Its due to age and normal wear and tear.
Thank you for your reply miles>will move forward now> possible control actuator as you suspect .It is 15yrs old>I keep up my maintenance 155800mi now still a well kept vehical.Dennis... I appreciate your views....thoughts and replies always>just to far away to drive in miles>lol. Im Out!
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I agree, knowing what code has been set in the HVAC module will help pinpoint what needs to be done so your AC works the way it should. The code will not be a "generic" code that can be read with a code reader, typically those will only read codes relating to emissions and powertrain performance.
The GM tech 2 scanner will be great help, it is the same scanner that the dealership used for your car.
I have a mechanic who is going to reset the codes first. He recently serviced the vehicals Ac System as well a while back. Replaced engine as well.So we will see after that.If it turns out to be a control actuator, this remains to be seen(possible though) Thank You for your reply in this matter though dale. (Mech. has been with Gm For over 10yrs exp.)Thanks Guys for all the good feedback.
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