1995 Volvo 850 Q&A

1995 Volvo 850 Question: AC system recharging

How to reccharge the ac system? -
Answer 1
How do you know it needs recharging? Is the A/C not cooling? Does the fan blow warm air only or no air at all? -
Comment 1
The fan/blower when on, only provides warm air. Also, you hear a clicking noise come from the AC compressor. -
Comment 2
So this sounds exactly like a system that is low, thanks for the info. You probably have a leaking evaporator, which is common on these Volvos. It is very expensive to repair, like 8 hours of labor and several hundreds in parts, so recharge is your least expensive option. The best and longest lasting method is to evacuate it and recharge with the appropriate equipment, and this will be done at a repair shop. The least expensive option is to go to a pars store and get a can of R134, plug it into the low side port near the RF fender and recharge the system. This will add enough to start cooling. Good Luck -