A/C stops working on 2001 Dodge Ram 1500

a/c works good when you frist get in but after 10 miles or so it stops cooling.turn it off for about 3 miles and it starts working.checked the charge and changed the hi pressore switch and it still doing the samething.

by in Loreauville, LA on July 06, 2009
3 answers
ANSWER by on July 13, 2009
When the A/C stops working, check the power supply to the A/C Compressor, this will give you a good idea as what to do. If it has power and the compressor is not working, it probably needs a new a/c compressor clutch. If there is no power, you will need to diagnose the control side of the circuit. This will require a wiring diagram and some electrical diagnostic experience.
ANSWER by on June 26, 2010
did you get your ac running
ANSWER by on July 09, 2011
my 2001 ram 1500 does the same thing. still trying to figure it out. i am about to try a new compressor out of sesperation. 3 weeks of 100+ out side
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