AC stops engine on 2001 Ford Escort

Hi, every time I use the AC my car starts shaking and turns off, it will start right back up and work fine as long as te AC is turned off. any ideas?

by in Bellevue, WA on May 26, 2009
2 answers
ANSWER by on May 27, 2009
You may have an A/C Compressor that is seizing up, but it could be something related to the engine management system too. The best thing to do is have it checked out by a shop. You can find one here:
ANSWER by on June 12, 2010
your car probably has a vacuum leak and your ac is taking to much power to keep it running
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coolant in reservoir is at proper level, but after driving 30 miles with AC on, temp needle goes over to hot. when AC is turned off, temp needle returns to normal.
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I had a new AC compressor and dryer installed on my 99 escort LX. It worked ok for a couple days then stopped. I went back, they said it needed a new line to stop the leak, so I had that installed....
There are reports of failures of the CCRM or Constant Control Relay Module.  The CCRM has relays and switches inside that control or provide power to the engine cooling fan, AC clutch (to enga...
The hot air stopped working on the heater. The fan is working, but it's cold air.

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