A/C Smell on 2000 Jaguar S-Type

On start up my A/C gives off a mold or mildew smell. Dealer says can be fixed for $150. Anybody had this experience. Is it time to unload this cat or fix it. I can't live with this smell.

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There is a cabin air filter accessible from the rear of the engine compartment on the passenger side. I would have that replaced, remove any leaves or debris from the air intake around the windscreen wiper panel and spay Lysol antibacterial disinfectant in the air vents from the inside and air intake out side of the car. Let the antibacterial spray sit in the ducts for a few minutes then start the engine put the fan blower on high and spray the antibacterial spray in the air intake at the wiper panel area. This should get rid of the smell and kill the bacteria.
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I had the same issue. Change the filter, that most people dont know exists and you should be in business, unless you have let it go on for a while. If so, follow Patrick's advice above!