ac service on 2000 Acura TL

my car ac some time blowup cold air and after 10-15 minute stoped cold air and bbblowup just normal air, i took my car to maccanic but he not found anything he said lookslike somewhere is blocked could you please tell me whats proiblem? thank you ayyub patel 4695691406 E-MAIL ADDRESS: atdasan@YAHOO.COM

by in Garland, TX on April 10, 2011
0 answers
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on my Acura when I go to use my heat or ac nothing happens and I checked some things on my own and all the fueses are good and the blower resistor is still good but nothing happens at all when I tu...
the whole ac/heater contrl panel shut of and wont cut back on.what should i do, i chkd the fuses,i dont know where the relay located. please help

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