a/c service on 1993 BMW 325i

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How do I flush the a/c system? How many ounces of oil is needed after installing a used compressor that has been drained or after vacuum is pulled? How many ounces/cans of 134a refrigerant is needed to fill capacity?
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A special solution is used to cleanse the a/c system in cases where the system has been open for a very long time and exposed to dirt and debris. I strongly suggest you replace the receiver dryer if you are concerned about your system cleanliness and efficiency
The oil from your old compressor should have been drained into a jar and measured and the exact same measured amount added along with an extra 25g of oil and dye.
The specifications for the a/c weight is shown on a green sticker near the front of the engine bay on the radiator support.
If you do not know your way around a/c i strongly suggest the work be carried out by a professional, it is illegal to handle a/c gas without a license.