A/C repair on 1996 Ford Taurus

The last mechanic put freeon in my a/c unit. the freeon would not stay but was leaking out so the mechanic put a screw in the release vale. How can I get that piece of hose repair or do I have to buy another hose.

by in Fort Pierce, FL on February 23, 2009
2 answers
ANSWER by on February 24, 2009
Napa has the hose assembly for about $160 it cannot be repaired but a qualified technician will have to perform this repair as they have to pull a vacuum to get the oxygen out of the system and they might want to use their own brand of hose assembly.
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ANSWER by on May 25, 2010
i try gasing up a/c but it wont take everythings working compress fuse everytin
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