A/C refrigerant, recharge on 1995 Pontiac Sunfire

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With the Engine running and the A/C switched on to max and High. When I hookup the 134a refrigerant to the low side port, can't get system to recharge. Hose and gauge hooked up properly, refrigerant won't start filling into system. Am I missing something?
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Yes, just because your a/c doesn't blow cold doesn't always mean your are low on refrigerant. What you did is a regular think I see in a/c repair. An overcharged system! The only way you can properly diagnose your a/c system is with a set of gages. Of course having the gages is just part of the solution, You have to know what you are seeing.
if the refrigent is low you might have too by pass the low side pressure switch in order to manualy run the compressor
I have a 99 sunfire and tried to charge ac. The guage would not read, like it wasnt connected, the compressor came on and gauge read. After few minutes gauge went back to zero. Do u think I have a failing compressor?