AC Refrigerant Dye

Refrigerant dye is a fluorescent dye that can be added in small amounts to the A/C refrigerant system in order to help the technician determine the source of a refrigerant leak.

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing AC Refrigerant Dye

  • Air conditioning compressor can fail due to a lack of lubrication
  • Air conditioning system stops delivering cold air into passenger compartment

AC Refrigerant Dye Related Repair Advice

  • Some refrigerant leaks can be very difficult to locate. Many shops will inject dye into the system in order to try and pinpoint the leak.
  • The proper refrigerant charge (or fill) is critical to proper AC operation
  • Use only refrigerant recommended by the manufacturer when recharging the AC system
  • Due to the high cost of R-12 refrigerant, in some cases, it may be cost effective to retrofit an old R-12 system to use the new R-134A refrigerant

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