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2006 Honda Civic Question: A/C recharge or repair?

The A/C blows cool (not cold air as before)& will not cool the car on a sunny day, no matter how long a drive. I hear a click when A/C is turned on, blower works, radiator fan cycles on if left to idle with A/C on. No new or unusual noises. Low pressure line is (not terribly) cold, high pressure is slightly warm. I can't see any signs of leaks. Can I just recharge, or is there a larger underlying problem? -
Answer 1
with a/c gauges ck freon level to start with,then proceed from there -
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I have had the unit worked on twice by the dealer, spending over $700. Now they are saying I might need a new compressor. There is no noise and it cools. Could it be a switch or vacumn hose?