a/c psi on 2003 Toyota Matrix

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On the a/c if all fuses are good what could be the problem if a/c won't kick on? If you run a jumper from a hot wire direct it will kick in. what is the freon psi for this car?
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There are many things that can cause the a/c to fail or not blow sufficient cold air. There are no Service Bulletins regarding any "common failures" and I have not seen any on the Matrix.
The system will protet itself if there is a loss of refrigerant so as not to damage the compressor.
You need a wiring diagram and pressure gauges to properly diagnose the system.
The pressures should be Low side 1.5 to 2.5 kgf/sq cm , High side 14 to 16 kgf/sq cm.
I have a 2003 XR, one of the major problems when the a/c doesn't kick in could be the wiring cluster that goes to the dash panel. If your dash lights r NOT working u have to doublecheck to make your compressor is receiving current. If it does not receive current the likely electrical problem is the cluster. Average cost for a cluster between $250 & $400..I just had to replace mine.....