A/C problem on 2011 Subaru Tribeca

I have a new 2011 Subaru Tribeca. The air conditioning stopped working on the drivers side but did blow cool on the passenger side then one day later it stopped working completely. My local subaru dealer had it 4 days and finally fixed the problem. The A/C worked great for 2 days then stopped working completely. It blows hot air. Has anyone else had this type of problem that was properly fixed? what was the solution? My dealer seems completely lost. Thank you

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They have the software to check for TSB's, these are pattern failures that mimic your problem and likely checked them when vehicle was in. If they found no TSB related and did fix for two days then they are in the ballpark. Take it back for the warranty repair and then this car may end up being the start of a new TSB. Good luck.
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Yes we our having the same problem. They have tried repairing it 3 times already and it is still blowing hot air-did you ever resolve your problem?