A/C problem... on 2004 Dodge Ram 1500

Lately I have noticed that my A/C has been alternating between blowing cold air then it blowing warm. DO I need a A/C freon charge? If so, where are the charge ports? If not what may the problem be? Thanks

by in Henderson, NV on June 01, 2010
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ANSWER by on June 04, 2010
I would have your A/C system serviced, which really should be done every 2 years in a warm weather area. This will include a pressure check then an evacuation of the freon which will be cleaned and filter and when the evacuation is being performed any and all water will be removed. Also a leak test should be performed, after a minimum of 30 minutes of evacuation when the system is being evacuated, which is just letting the system sit and seeing if the vacuum decays, which is an indication of a leak. Then the proper amount of A/C freon will be added and THEN see how the system performs before you try to fix something. It is amazing how well an A/C system service revives an A/C system that is basically sound.
COMMENT by on August 25, 2010
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