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2006 Honda Civic Question: A/C Problem

My Civic will blow hot air under any type of acceleration. It's like the a/c shuts off and the heater gets turned on full. This lasts for about 5 - 6 seconds, then the a/c will come back on again. The service advisor(s) at Honda say this is supposed to be that way. I have my doubts. Any thoughts? Thanks. -
Answer 1
If you put the 'pedal to the metal' so to speak, then yes the A/C WILL disengage. It is so the engine has more power. Since you live in a real hot area, the air will feel warm, while your are 'on the gas'. How long has this been going on with your car? How long since you had your A/C serviced. It could be low, which will enhance this sympton. -
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