A/C problem on 2003 Mitsubishi Outlander

Hello there, I have an '03 Outlander thaa is having issues with it's A/C. Last year it stopped blowing cold air so I figured it needed to be recharged. Did that and it worked fine that year. This year it did the same things. Yesterday I decided to do the recharge thing again. Hooked it all up, emptied the can, everything seemed good. Cool air was coming out the vents. I turned the car off and hopped out of the car after checking the vents. Then I heard something like air escaping. Popped the hood and I have air and the nifty green UV stuff coming out what looks like a nut. So, I have no idea how to explain this other than to say that when I open the hood and look straight down a little left of center down near the bottom of the engine there is a small nut that looks like it may have had some kind of cap on it or something. My can of recharger stuff is quickly escaping out the top of this nut. The nut does not appear loose at all so I am wondering what it is. Still no cold air. Wife's car. She's delicate. Easy fix???? Please, please, please!!!!!

by in Tooele, UT on April 25, 2010
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ANSWER by on April 25, 2010
You have an A/C system leak that needs a repair. Luckily, it sounds like the leak is coming from a valve ( with a green cap on it ).
COMMENT by on April 25, 2010
I figured there was supposed to be something on top of it. No green cap. I'm not sure what part of the system it's on, sorry for not being more detailed. The place to recharge the system, the High and Low valves have little light blue caps on them and are up top on the left side of the engine - looking at the engine - this piece is down at the bottom in front. it's on like a little box thingy. If I went to the parts store would they understand "little box thingy"? :) Thanks for the reply.
COMMENT by on June 06, 2010
you overcharged the system and the refrigerant is coming out of the pressure releif valve.
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