A/C Pressure Switch on 2005 Mitsubishi Galant

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Hello. My 05 Galant is having a problem. The majority of the system was replaced about 8 months ago. including compressor. What's happening is every so often, what I believe to be the A/C pressure cut-of switch. blows the oil out of the system. And the compressor doesn't engage like it should. I had the system charged and system worked perfectly for a week and then the pressure switch blew again and system started to work sporadically. Does that the switch is bad or that the compressor is bad, or another problem all together. Any help would be appreciated.
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the switch is a protector for the ac system when the freon gets low and the pressure gets under 20 lbs on the low side. take it to a shop and find out where the leak is located.

Thanks Mastertech, I appreciate your help. I was thinking that but wasn't sure. When they installed the new system I don't think the mechanics where the best to work on the Mitsubishi, they replaced a lot of the seals, so I was wondering if it was possible that they used the wrong O rings and seals that could make the system leak out the freon which makes the cut off switch react. Is that possible?