A/C on Ford Five Hundred on 2007 Ford Five Hundred

Add me to the hundreds of people across the country (Perhaps thousands?) who have had the compressor in their Ford Five Hundreds burn out.
Is there a class action suit as yet? There is no recall, but just from looking at the complaints here, surely an attorney would be willing to take the case??

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Ford is not interested in helping..
There was a recall on the rear brakes which I replaced two months ago.. According to Ford, that recall has expired recently. Why was I not notified?
If you read the many claims, then it leads you to believe that this is not an isolated incident.
A friend of mine's brother works at a local Ford dealership where she states that they are replacing faulty compressors in the 2005-2007 Ford Five Hundreds at a rate of two to three a day.. Surely that is NOT the norm..
P.S. Are you employed by Ford?
recalls never expire. if they told you that, contact ford customer service and see what they say and why, get it in writing.

Interesting! Dealership never told me about a recall. Told me A/C filter was plugged. A trusted independant mechanic who has this model said it was the compressor and we have replaced it. Any chance I can get reimbursed? He spoke with dealership too and they never shared any recall info with him either. He also showed us where the motor brackett has broke and demonstrated why it is lurching when gears shift. Of course the dealership told him there is not a problem as well.
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compressors fail on lots of vehicles, not just ford 500.
a lawyer will bleed you dry for money and you will get nowhere. i suggest repairing the car and moving forward.

Hey Roy - the rear brake pad deal was an "owner notification program" that had an expiration date. It was to service the rear brakes on vehicles that had premature wear out. It wasn't a safety or emissions recall which never expire.
interesting. never saw a saftey re call with an expiration date.

thanks for informing me of that one Dave

Roy - this brake one was a performance upgrade - not a safety deal. So you're very right - no safety recall has an expiration.