a/c not working properly on BMW X3

Average mileage: 87,771 (35,000–179,000)
4 model years affected: 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007
27 people reported this problem
15 people shared problem details
Just started last Thursday, when my air comes on only the left driver side vents kick out cool air. The vents on the right passenger side seem to be blowing air, but its not cool. Its hot air, its like something is blocking the air from completely coming through. Once I drive around for about 20 minutes a small amount of cool air begins to come out of the vents on the right side of the vehicle. Does anybody have any idea why this might be happening. We have had some hellish tempartures in SC recently from 103 to 113. I have had the vehicle for four years and never had a problem with the a/c not working properly.
I noticed the a/c not cooling properly couple of weeks ago. 57k on the car. I charged it up with freon which took a whole can. Worked great after that, week later steam/smoke came out of the vents & since then the a/c is steadily becoming less cool. Read reports about faulty evaporators, hope I don't have to replace that, hoping it's something more simple like split "o" rings. any similar issues out there?
2006 BMW X389,000
Driver side AC bLows cool air but the passenger side blows warm air (not hot but definitely warmer than the drivers side).
2006 BMW X3146,800
Turned air on it was hot air coming out the vents
2005 BMW X360,000
Failed AC evaporator...replaced two evaporators since 15000 miles...first covered under warranty
2006 BMW X385,000
AC blows hot air.
2004 BMW X3179,000
Driver side cool air and other side hot air
Bought the 2005 BMW X3 second hand with 150,000 miles. Noticed that the right side (Passenger vents blowing air 10 degrees F higher than the driver side. To manipulate it to get the best possible coolest air I had to also turn the Temperature dial to Red. I haven't had it checked out yet.
Same problem. Cools only on drivers side and even that is not sufficient. Going to try freon and hoping not to replace evaporator.
same as stated looking for a repair shop now
2005 BMW X3100,000
a/c stopped working; no indicator lights light up
Blows cold out of Left Vents, and warm out of right vents. Changing the hot-cold dial has little effect, if any, other than making it warmer as it goes from blue to red.
2007 BMW X365,000
Ac blows cold on the two drivers side vents but blows air on the passenger side vents.
2005 BMW X3113,000
I had just driven a 230 mile road trip and parked at our destination. When I started the car to run a short errand, what I would describe as steam or smoke came out of the vents. As I was quiet alarmed I lifted the hood to see if anything was smoking from the engine compartment. Nothing visible. I shut the AC down and listened to the engine, but could not detect anything abnormal at the time. The next day I noticed the AC was not cooling at all. Thus far I have not found the source or solution to the problem.
2006 BMW X364,000
A/C start to cooling just driver side then not cooling at all
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